Hello, folks!

Lots has happened in the time since I last posted. Last week was my birthday, which also, terrifyingly, fell on my A Level results day.

Picture: tumblr.com

Picture: tumblr.com

Fortunately, everything went well and I had a fantastic 18th birthday, which was extra special because all my family was around to spend it with me. Plus, I now know I am definitely going to university- which I am super excited about!

Picture: tumblr.com

Picture: tumblr.com

I think I mentioned before about my holiday in Syros, Greece, which was very chilled out (just what I needed in the run-up to results day!), but, if not, here are some photos!

Photo: Scribbley

Photo: Scribbley


Photo: Scribbley

Photo: Scribbley

The photo below is from a trip we took to Tinnos, a neighbouring island. It is home to a large Greek Orthodox church, which pilgrims were travelling to- women were crawling on their hands and knees up this hill on the carpet to the church at the top. We spoke to a shop owner, and it seems to be a pilgrimage for healing, perhaps for fertility or childbirth since all the pilgrims we saw were women.

Photo: Scribbley

Photo: Scribbley

Photo: Scribbley

Photo: Scribbley

This is a remote beach at the top of Syros, accessible only via boat. When we went there was only about 15 others on the beach, all from the same boat. The sailor that brought us came back with a floating crate and served everyone with drinks and melon- you’ve never had melon until you’ve eaten slices stood waist-high in cool sea water with the sun beating on your back and juice running down your hands, I’m telling you! The water was fantastically clear too, so the snorkelling was great.

Photo: Scribbley

Photo: Scribbley

Photo: Scribbley

Photo: Scribbley

I’m not sure about August, but I don’t leave home until the end of September so I will definitely be able to blog more than I have been doing then. When I start uni I’m going to try and figure out a routine for blogging and writing in the mornings, but I guess it depends if I can haul myself out of bed! I’ve done lots of reading, so maybe I can coax one review out a day or something (I’m aware I promised a couple of bloggers a review- I will do them, it’s just a question of when, sorry!). I’ve not been in the mood for reviewing recently, and I don’t see the point of writing a rubbish review for the sake of it.

As I think I’ve mentioned before, I’m writing the first draft of my novel (it’s technically the second, but the actual first was short and abysmal) so once that’s done I’d quite like to do some posts about it. Maybe by Christmas?

To my lovely fanfiction readers, the next chapter of Of Snakes and Lions is done and dusted, but I’m waiting until the following chapter is complete before posting it because things are going to be a bit hectic as I prepare for uni and I don’t want to post a chapter when I’m not sure when the next one will be up. If that makes sense! To those on fanfiction.net, I’ve suggested a one-shot competition (see the last chapter of Of Snakes and Lions) and all the responses were positive, so full steam ahead with that, woo hoo! I’ll be extending the competition to Wattpad if it works out okay. Actually, I have an idea for a kind of compilation of Sevmione one-shots inspired by songs, but I’m going to be sensible and wait until I’ve finished Of Snakes and Lions before starting a new fic! I will jot ideas down though 🙂

Picture: giphy.com

Picture: giphy.com

Much love,


Reading over my first draft (and how to review yours)

I feel like I’ve finished my first draft. It’s like 10, maybe 20, thousand words long, which is like a short novella. That’s okay, though, because this story has morphed into something completely different to my original idea, and now I don’t have a plan to follow. I know I’ll be able to bulk up my story massively once I have an idea where it’s going. I don’t yet. I needed some time out before reviewing my first draft. Hence my putting my draft to the side for a couple of weeks and instead focusing on my fan fiction. Now, I’m ready to start revising it. Wish me luck!

Reading my first draft

Okay, so the first time I read my draft, I did just that. I read. No distractions. No highlighting. No annotating. Just reading.

Oh, the horror! My first draft is, without doubt, one of the worst things I’ve written in quite a while. I even switch tenses occasionally, something I’ve never had an issue with before. Reading through it the first time, I had to restrain myself from clicking on ‘delete’ and giving up. PLEASE DON’T EVER DO THIS. There are- and there always will be- gems amongst the rubbish. Even if it’s just one sentence, you will look at part of your first draft and think yes, nailed it there.

For the second read-through, I recommend you find yourself a rainbow of coloured pens or else make acquaintances with the editing functions on your word processor. I work on Microsoft Word, which means as well as the varying text colours and highlighting options, I can click on ‘Review’ and make use of various functions, such as ‘Comment’, which means you can select a piece of text and make notes in the bubble that pops up beside it- basically annotating via computer; ‘Track changes’, where any altering of the document is recorded, so you know exactly what you’ve changed about it, and can therefore revert back to the original if you so choose; and my new favourite ‘Start inking’- probably best if you have a touchscreen laptop as I do, or else a very steady hand on the computer mouse!- which gives you options for a pen, a highlighter and an eraser (with options for colour and thickness) to annotate and highlight to your heart’s content! (I assume there are similar functions on other word processors.)

Basically, your second read-through is the time to cover that black-and-white document in annotations of every colour. I had a colour code for things I liked and things I disliked, and I made comments on each of these things explaining why I did or didn’t like them, for example- “really in character”, “doesn’t fit here”, “hurried- work on pacing”. That way you know what you’ve done well, and what you need to work on when you move onto your second draft.

Third time round, have a notepad handy. In it you should jot down anything and everything that comes to mind as you read over your document and the annotations you made last time you read it. This can include notes on continuity errors, ideas on how to make things you dislike better second time round, thoughts on other scenes you could include etc. I actually ordered my notes chronologically, so I had a title of a scene then details about things that could be improved, then ideas about how to link this scene to the next, and so on. This way you get a ready-made, detailed plan for your second draft.

After reading through your first draft, try not to be discouraged- first drafts aren’t supposed to be perfect! I’ll be posting soon with ideas on how to go about writing your second draft. I hope you all had a good Christmas; please feel free to comment below any suggestions you have for writing and reading first and second drafts!


He is forever, and I am sixteen and in love.

He is blue eyed mystery and I am sixteen and so grown up,

living in this dark abyss where eye contact burns me up like a flare


Supermassive black hole

he’s pinched you closed with shy smiles

and awkward compliments that make




Maybe infinity is being seventeen and seeing galaxies in his eyes.

crushed thoughts #7


Grain by grain


Eroding hourglass

Weathering to fragility

Near end

Blacker, blacker


Black hole absorption

it seemed


a hand

reaching in

lift me out

head to heart


Begin again

Crushed thoughts #4.5
2nd December 2014

Weekly Catch-up 30/11/14

Hello there!

This was a great week- I’ve now got three university offers (including one unconditional eek), I went to see Saturday Night Fever yesterday (which was amazing; I’ve been singing the Bee Gees continually since), and I’ve reached 10,000 words!



I’ve never written anything so long before, so this is pretty exciting! I was only going to do the briefest first draft, and I didn’t really expect it to get this long- then, to add more work to my ‘to-do’ list, I realised yesterday night that this story would probably be better in two books, because there’s a lot of a backstory to the bit I’m writing currently. I’ll wait until I’ve finished this first draft before I decide though.

Well, that’s me. I’ll be posting again tomorrow, so keep an eye out!

How’s everyone else’s writing going?

Weekly Catchup

Just completed my third week of writing- I’m having so much fun! My writing is putting the ‘rough’ in ‘rough draft’ but it’s still writing, which is the main thing. I’ve missed a few days of writing this week through the devil of procrastination, yet when I have written, I’ve written loads so I guess that evens it out a bit.

Here’s what I’ve learned this week:

  • Set daily goals. Even if it’s just a paragraph, or half a side, or a full side of paper. It helps to have an amount to aim for. Don’t force yourself too much though, else it will show in your writing. Equally, though, don’t limit yourself. If you want to write an extra three pages, you go for it!
  • If you miss a day of writing, don’t spend the next day fretting you’ve got to write double your planned daily word count. That is a sure-fire way to give you writer’s block. Seriously. Chill. Write as you normally would, and you might find you’ll go over the amount you want to write per day. If you keep doing that, you’ll make up the missed day. There’s no point in straining to write an extra thousand words or whatever. Look forward, not backward.
  • Celebrate your achievements. If you’re super stuck and you write a sentence. If you reach your daily goal. If you reach your next thousand words. Recognising how far you’ve come is a great way to motivate yourself.

Well, off to write some more- despite I’m knackered and my feet kill ’cause I went to a party last night and I think I danced (I say “danced” loosely…) for hours. I think it’ll end up being a load of gibberish, though, ‘cause my head didn’t hit my pillow ’til about 6 this morning. It’s a hard life…

Anyhoo, I’ll post again in a week- again, if you’d like to request a post or if there’s anything you’d like to see on my blog, let me know!

First Draft and NaNoWriMo

I’ve started my first draft. Everything’s all planned out- what could go wrong? Har- har. Actually, nothing yet. I’ve just finished my first chapter, and I feel like I’ll have the hard part out of the way once the second is completed (I suspect this is naïve wishful thinking, though!). The first 300 words were the most difficult to write (at least so far!) but once I had that initial bit out of the way everything seemed to flow much better.

Seeing as NaNoWriMo starts in two days, and everyone partaking in it will be experiencing sort-of the same things as me, the first-drafter, I thought I would share what I’ve discovered in my first thousand-or-so words:

  • For all you’ve planned everything, new ideas pop up at the most unexpected times, so it’s useful to have a notebook handy to keep track of them. I actually use the notepad apps on my phone and laptop too.
  • Have a writing space cleared. Somewhere you’re comfortable writing, and where you won’t get disturbed. Like the “revision space” your teachers bleated about in school. I actually went one better and made two writing spaces (just had to get one up on y’all :P). One’s my desk, for when I use my laptop, and the other’s my comfy chair with like a zillion fluffy cushions on it for when I hand write.
  • What my writing spaces have in common: a desk lamp! Important for when you’re writing at the dead of night/ ridiculous o’clock in the morning, ’cause I know often inspiration hits in the middle of the night but, seriously, I’m looking out for your eyes, folks. If reading in bad light hasn’t ruined them yet, writing in bad light might just do the job (laughs nervously and pushes specs further up nose).
  • Get some killer tunes sorted. At the moment, that’s Taylor Swift’s Out of the Woods on a loop for me (ARE WE OUTTA THE WOODS, ARE WE OUTTA THE WOODS, ARE WE OUTTA THE WOODS). Maybe you like silence when you’re writing. But if you’re a background noise kinda writer, make sure you’ve got your jam sorted, be it heavy rock or whale music (though I’m not entirely sure if that’s not just for giving birth, hmm).
  • When you’re actually writing, bear in mind it doesn’t have to be perfect. Which is difficult if you’re a bit of a perfectionist, like me, but suck it. Embrace the fact that you’re vomiting words onto a page/ computer screen and not fretting that it doesn’t read well. Save your fretting for when you’re editing. If you don’t have a red pen in hand, don’t fret. Chill. You don’t even have to write in order. Write backwards. Write forwards. Write sideways. Write upside down. Common theme: write, whichever way you want.

Finally, good luck to my NaNoWriMo friends, hope you have fun! Let me know how it goes!