That Beautiful Blue…

Love the intensity and drama of this photo 📷

Life in a Photograph

beautiful blue…Again! 😀 I just can’t get enough of this colour!

Location: Porto Moniz – Madeira island – Portugal
Shutter speed: 1/200 seconds.
F: /5
Focal Length: 15mm
ISO: 100
filter: Hoya 72mm pro1 CP

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Love is overrated and so are you

I thought this was a wise outlook on love, so I thought I’d share it 💕

eat more, sleep less, dream plenty

It is disturbing how we romanticize the idea of hurting ourselves in the name of love. I cannot fathom why we wouldn’t mind or even crave the feeling of having someone else trace a blade around our lips like a stencil, burn cigarette holes into the thin lining of our skin or bleed us out on sterile tiles in blossoming scarlet stains. We degrade and dehumanize ourselves for the other half, laying bare our souls for them to grind our bones to grainy powder – all for one simple reason. We want to matter. We’re not content with being just another face in the sea of the faceless. We need to cling on to an anchor, even if its jagged edges splices us into two. The universe, as it appears, owes us that much, and if love can achieve that purpose of filling the cavernous pits in our hearts, so…

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Seeing “The weight of One Self”

Another Voice

"The weight of One Self" - marble sculpture of height 2.7m by artists Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset, in Lyon, France. “The weight of One Self” – sculpture of height 2.7m by artists Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset, in Lyon, France.

I look at my limp
body in my arms and I
wonder who saved whom.
I can only hold
the weight of my own conscience,
talk the truth I know.
Never a hero
was made by saving himself-
Completely untrue.

You can read more about this philosophically forceful sculpture here.

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Road to Nowhere

I thought the insight into the photographer’s process of taking and editing a photo was interesting- plus I liked the photo!

Life in a Photograph

Road to Nowhere

Old photo, edited today! I’ve always liked this one but had no idea what to do with it when I took it, two years ago. I found it again today and after looking at it for a while, two thoughts popped in my mind… the first one was coffee, the second one was that there’s something here! I saw the road, the fog and i thought “Hey, maybe we can turn this otherwise crappy photo into something mysterious, intriguing and dramatic!” I high-fived my brain and started to work (I made a cup of coffee first!). 49 minutes later, this photo was born and I really like it now! 🙂
I’m not a huge fan of the complete white sky but i don’t like to merge two photos to create one, I’ve done that once and while I thought it looked good on my laptop, when i saw it on…

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Quotations, quotations, quotations

It feels like ages since my last post! Life just got in the way (and I was on such a roll as well) and, to be honest? Blogging wasn’t the priority.

First off, I was busy making scrunchies for a sale at the sewing club I help out at…


… then I made a make-up bag for my friend’s birthday…

DSCN4234 DSCN4236

… and, of course, the major one: dreaded revision has been taking up a lot of my time recently. (It’ll be worth it in summer!)



So where does this leave posting? Well, as you can see (read?) I’ve had chance to write a post this evening. Most other evenings though, I haven’t, or I’ve been tired, or I just haven’t been in the mood and have wanted to chill out. I’m afraid it’s going to be like this for a while now, at least until my exams are over (end of June), at which point I’ll drive you all crazy posting every minute of every day! In the meantime I’m going to finish off the blog challenge I’m doing, as and when I have the time, and I’ll also be doing the posts I’ve been tagged in.

To my fanfiction readers- I have, like, one scene of the next chapter of Of Snakes and Lions to finish off (I was aiming for last weekend, but it didn’t get written). I’m going to have a stab at it once I’ve finished writing this post, and then you can have a read ASAP!

Finally, onto today’s challenge!

Day 20: Quotes

Well, considering all I said above, the quote which seems most apt is:

“Have you noticed that even the busiest people are never too busy to take time to tell you how busy they are?”

― Bob Talbert

(Hey, I can laugh at myself!)

To be honest, that’s all I want to say. From one busy person to all the busy people reading this: I’m so busy right now, and I can’t wait to have a massive chill out in summer after exams!

Much love (and hoping all you busy people out there get some relaxation time),


On a Quest for Inspiration

Hello, sorry I didn’t post yesterday! I’ve had a really rubbish week at school, and Friday kinda finished me off. I didn’t really want to post in a bad mood, so I’m posting what would’ve been Friday’s post today.

Day 19: Inspiration

I thought this was quite an interesting topic to explore, especially as a writer (and, occasionally, artist). Where exactly do I get my ideas from?

Photo from: Wikipedia

Photo from: Wikipedia

My main focus in writing at the moment is my novel and my fanfiction. My inspiration for my fanfiction is easy enough: the series it’s based on, Harry Potter. My novel however… I think I’ve written in previous posts that I had been working on another novel for years without more progress when I took up my current work. It was quite easy for me to do so because my current idea is one I had when I was twelve or thirteen that had just been forgotten in old notebooks. Unfortunately, that means I can’t especially remember where my inspiration came from. Can’t especially, I say. I can remember some.

The original first scene came to me in a kind-of vision: I had a really strong idea of Bronwyn, the main character, smoking down a dark alley, scantily clad and with a dull amber glow on her skin from the streetlight. The alley was loosely based on a street near school, which is nowhere near as dank as the one in my story, and the streetlights were based on the really dim orangey ones outside my window. Of course, since then this first scene has morphed: the main stages being from that which I just described, to Richard walking past and meeting Bronwyn (this being the start of their affair), to its current body which is Bronwyn standing on a balcony (an upgrade from the grotty alley!) and Karen, Richard’s wife, finding her and being absolutely furious!

I get inspired my other books occasionally, less so now I’m older (excluding my fan-fics). I think when I was younger and in the initial stages of finding my writing style, I would find myself copying the style of the author I had read most recently. I’d argue that’s useful, since I tried out a variety of styles before becoming more and more into my own. It was rare that I would be inspired by ideas- though I do remember a dreadful story I wrote about a girl going to magic school. I was so desperate to not copy of Harry Potter that it was dumped within about a month!

Though my rubbish-y musings could never be classed as “poetry”, for simplicity I’m going to call them that (and watch all the great poets turn in their graves!). Where do I get my poetry inspiration from, then? I consider poetry a thousand times more personal than novel-writing, and, as someone who is not particularly open with emotions and feeling, I struggle getting that depth of emotion out. Despite that, I find writing poetry cathartic. I draw my inspiration from my own life and experiences, but it tends to be those which affect me significantly- it’s easier getting the emotions out when there’s a lot of them!

I’m trying to be more artful with my poetry, in the hope that it’ll make it significantly better, but ideally without losing the initial sentiments. To help with that I’ve been reading poetry, which is drags a bit since I immensely dislike 98%- ish of poetry! It’s worth it for the poems I’ve found that actually do have an impact on me, or I do empathise with. I really like: Admonition, Sylvia Plath; I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Maya Angelou; To His Coy Mistress, Andrew Marvell; Red, Ted Hughes; All the World’s a Stage, Shakespeare; The Manhunt, Simon Armitage; and Noor’s poetry. To poetry lovers, I’ve probably got a really limited taste, but I’m trying, okay! I’ve also been drawing a lot on song lyrics, some of which are similar in style to poetry. It must be working- I’ve got about seven of my own poems saved on my tablet, and I keep tinkering with them as a kind-of long term project. I might schedule them as posts for over my exam period in summer when I can’t write posts as I’ll be busy revising (ugh).

I always find it interesting reading short fiction like Millie’s, since writers are taking inspiration from photographs and one line prompts- I’ve never been able to do that, and I’m terrible at short stories so it’s fun reading other people’s takes on the inspiration provided.

Where do you get inspiration from? Feel free to comment below, and if anyone has any poetry suggestions, please drop me a line- I’d appreciate it!

My Favourite Book Characters

Day 18: Favourite Characters

This is the equivalent of asking a parent which is their favourite child, you know. *Huff*

Rhett Butler- Gone with the Wind (Margaret Mitchell)

First off, I should explain that Gone with the Wind is my absolute favourite book (even over Jane Eyre) and I have no idea why it isn’t included in my favourite books post. I completely forgot about it (I feel a fraud calling it my favourite now!), and then I saw it on my shelf and- ugh. Anyhoo, I’ve just started re-reading it, and I haven’t even got to Rhett’s first scene but still.



Rhett is one of my favourite characters because he knows exactly who he is. He doesn’t pretend to be nice or to be a gent, to the point of shocking Scarlett, though his manner intrigues her. He sticks out from the other Southern men in the novel, who are keen to go all guns blazing into war, as he recognises- and has the bravery to stand up and say- that they will probably lose. He strikes me as having self-preservation, rather than being selfish like Scarlett.

I prefer Rhett to Scarlett, though I think they are very similar and in the modern world (minus all the dancing round social expectations and rules) they would make a fantastic couple. Rhett is simply more likeable than Scarlett: he respects and is kind to Melanie, is loving to his step-son Wade and daughter Bonnie, and his witty banter with Scarlett is great to read (even if you do want him to kiss her “properly” already!).

Jane Eyre- um, Jane Eyre (Charlotte Bronte)



Jane is a character that I really identify with- I think if I were a book character I would be Jane! I like the fact that even in an oppressive society (for women) Jane has the confidence and the strong-will to assert herself even to people who are technically her “superiors”. I adore the scene where Mr Rochester asks Jane to stay with him despite knowing of his wife’s existence for this very reason: Jane refuses and stands by her principles. Knowing the amount of courage to say that, and how much it would have hurt her to say that to a man she loved, made me respect Jane 10 x more.

Despite being a romantic lead, Jane isn’t considered attractive (neither is Mr Rochester), but she isn’t ashamed of that: “Do you think, because I am poor, obscure, plain and little, I am soulless and heartless? You think wrong! – I have as much soul as you, – and full as much heart! And if God had gifted me with some beauty and much wealth, I should have made it as hard for you to leave me, as it is now for me to leave you!” Despite being female and a lower class, Jane knows her own worth, and she isn’t ashamed of herself. I view her as a Victorian feminist (high five, Jane!).

Pip- Great Expectations (Charles Dickens)

Photo: The Telegraph

Photo: The Telegraph

My reason for liking Pip is very simple: he’s very human.

I almost cheered when Joe came to visit Pip in London, and Pip found himself embarrassed by the man who had loved and cared for him all his life. It sounds weird, but I was genuinely pleased to see that nastier side of human nature. It isn’t that Pip’s horrible- we can see that in his love for Estella, and his kind nature as he tries to help out his friend Herbert- it’s just that he’s human. You’re not telling me there are no instances where you’ve been slightly embarrassed by something a friend or someone you love has said or done in front of someone else. Maybe they laughed really loud and people around you started turning round, and even though you felt ashamed for thinking that way you just wanted them to shut up?

Luna Lovegood & Hermione Granger- Harry Potter (JK Rowling)

At the moment there seems to be this push for “strong female characters”. It means well, but I think it misses the point. Female characters both in literature and the films do seem to fit into narrow categories: the slut, the nerd, etc. I don’t think the solution is to make a load of “strong” characters, though. Just make female characters as individual and different as women are in real life.

Gif: Harry Potter wiki

Gif: Harry Potter wiki

Which brings me to my favourite characters. I was torn between all of the characters in Harry Potter, but especially the women. My favourite male characters are all the bad guys! The female ones, however… JK Rowling has written a number of very good role models as characters, particularly the women., and they happen to be varied too, like any group of women in real life. I was going to pick just Hermione, because I love how she is bookish but learns to get her head out of books to form a great friendship with Ron and Harry. She’s mature, she’s intelligent, and incredibly brave. She puts up with years of bullying about her blood purity, and still manages to smash the Pureblood ideals and come top of her class. Despite this, she’s flawed- she has a nasty streak (see her keeping Rita Skeeter in a jar as a bug, cursing ‘Sneak’ onto Marietta’s face…) which I find unpleasant, but gratifying since it proves she’s not all “perfect”.

Photo: Harry Potter wiki

Photo: Harry Potter wiki

Luna is almost the polar-opposite of Hermione, but she’s still another favourite. Like me, she’s weird, and okay with that. She’s 100% herself. She comes across as a tad airy-fairy, but has this sense of inner-steel. Even the Chosen One knows to listen to her!



I also found it incredibly moving in the Deathly Hallows when Hermione, Ron and Harry visit her father and see her room, which she has painted with all her friends’ faces. You get this sense that she’s been seriously bullied for her weirdness, but hasn’t let it get her down, and not she’s got friends she really loves and appreciates them.

Who are your favourite characters?