Who am I?

I am a seventeen year old girl torn between wanting to go the whole shebang and be the best the best the best, and giving it all up and becoming a mad cat lady. I’m currently juggling A Levels, this blog, trying to write a novel, my two fan-fictions, knitting, baking, jigsaw-ing, drawing, painting, sewing, reading, photographing… what can I say, I’m a girl of many hobbies.

Like a lot of people, I feel I am a mess of contradictions. I am simultaneously loud and quiet; messy and organised; crazy and controlled. Depends who I’m with.

Words that describe me: bookworm, Potterhead, writer, introvert, knitter, cat lady, night-owl, weirdo.

I like reading, laughing, and making things.

I dislike ignorant people, public-speaking, and early get-ups.

Basically, about me: I’m family- and friend-oriented, and I like my own company and pottering round with my hobbies.


Email: scribbley14@gmail.com

Feel free to drop me a line- I don’t bite!


22 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Scribbley. I’ve just nominated you on my last post for The Versatile Blogger Award. I know you call this a writing blog, but you also do book reviews – which makes it more varied. If you decide to accept the award, the rules are on my post. I know you’re overloaded with schoolwork, but the seven facts about yourself can be as short as a sentence each (as some I’ve seen). Hope all is well with you.


      • Brilliant! I was a bit worried about nominating you because I knew how busy you’d be. Just remember, there’s no real rush. Remember, you don’t havr to write more than a sentence for each of the seven fact if you want. I always rabbit on and make an essay out of each!


      • That’s brilliant! I was a bit worried about nominating you because I knew how busy you’d be. I’m really pleased you’ve accepted, though. The rules are on my Versatile Blogger post (dated Jan. 21). You don’t need to write a lot for the 7 things about yourself, if you’re pushed for time. I have a tendency to rabbit and make a meal out of things! Glad all is well with you. 🙂


  2. Hi Scribbley. So you’ve joined in with the fun of writing a novel. I wish you every success with it. I’ve certainly had fun along the way, and leaned more than a few lessons, too! I’m still learning as I go and I hope to have my second book out soon. I’ll look forward to following you and finding out how you get on with the whole process. Thank you so much for reblogging my post. I’m truly flattered by that. Keep scribbling away!


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