Long time, no blog!

Hello, folks.

Well, my exams have been over about a month now (though it feels like years) and I suppose I should have posted some time before this. I have a half-excuse of being busy- I spent a week working at my mum’s place; passed my driving theory test (yay!); went to prom; spent a week at my grandparents… but, actually, the main reason I haven’t posted is because I haven’t felt like it. I didn’t have anything to say! I haven’t even written a single book review!

So, what have I been doing, when I’ve not been working/ doing tests/ going to prom/ visiting my grandparents? I’m proud to say I’ve been doing a lot of writing after a couple of months- probably more, actually- of not doing any (oh, you pesky exams!). I’ve written about 15,000 words of my fan-fiction, which will be updated tomorrow if any of my readers are here, as well as nearly 9,000 of my novel. I’m not sure whether to count what I’m currently writing as my first or second draft; I wrote a really pathetic draft in January, so I’m not sure if it counts as a draft at all! Regardless, I’m pleased with what I have written so far, and I’m aiming to have 60,000 words written by September-ish time. I’m writing with an ink pen in a notebook, and I’m sure I’ve never gone through so much ink cartridges at once!

Photo & Artwork: Scribbley

Photo & Artwork: Scribbley

I’ve also been doing some drawing and painting. The painting above is one I did a week or so ago- one day I just attacked a piece of paper with colour! I’m quite pleased with it, though it’s not really my style. My brother has commissioned me to draw a car for him to stick up in his room, too- I’m getting paid in sweets, haha!

Photo: Scribbley

Photo: Scribbley

I went to a nature reserve with my mum as well, and I really liked this photo I took of a butterfly so I thought I’d share it. Last weekend I went on a bike ride with my dad starting at the same reserve- note to all my readers, 21 mile rides after one or two years without cycling at all are a BAD IDEA. We both had fun, but I couldn’t walk for half the week afterwards!

Just realised that every single paragraph ends with an exclamation mark… I’m just a bit excited because we’re going on holiday tomorrow! Final things: I don’t know when I’ll next post, but I will… eventually; also, I have 800+ emails in my inbox and I’m slowly getting through them, so if you see me comment/ like/ whatever your post from March 1984 or something that’s why!

FINAL FINAL FINAL thing… today is my 1 year blog anniversary, which was a pleasant surprise when I logged on! Happy birthday to my blog, and thank you all for a brilliant year!


2 thoughts on “Long time, no blog!

  1. I realise as I’m writing this, that you are probably miles away on holiday (was it Malaga you said you were going? It was somewhere in Southern Spain). I must have missed this post in my Reader last week. Anyway, congrats on surviving the exams and for passing your driving theory test. Hope you have a great holiday!

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