Love is overrated and so are you

I thought this was a wise outlook on love, so I thought I’d share it 💕

eat more, sleep less, dream plenty

It is disturbing how we romanticize the idea of hurting ourselves in the name of love. I cannot fathom why we wouldn’t mind or even crave the feeling of having someone else trace a blade around our lips like a stencil, burn cigarette holes into the thin lining of our skin or bleed us out on sterile tiles in blossoming scarlet stains. We degrade and dehumanize ourselves for the other half, laying bare our souls for them to grind our bones to grainy powder – all for one simple reason. We want to matter. We’re not content with being just another face in the sea of the faceless. We need to cling on to an anchor, even if its jagged edges splices us into two. The universe, as it appears, owes us that much, and if love can achieve that purpose of filling the cavernous pits in our hearts, so…

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