Road to Nowhere

I thought the insight into the photographer’s process of taking and editing a photo was interesting- plus I liked the photo!

Life in a Photograph

Road to Nowhere

Old photo, edited today! I’ve always liked this one but had no idea what to do with it when I took it, two years ago. I found it again today and after looking at it for a while, two thoughts popped in my mind… the first one was coffee, the second one was that there’s something here! I saw the road, the fog and i thought “Hey, maybe we can turn this otherwise crappy photo into something mysterious, intriguing and dramatic!” I high-fived my brain and started to work (I made a cup of coffee first!). 49 minutes later, this photo was born and I really like it now! 🙂
I’m not a huge fan of the complete white sky but i don’t like to merge two photos to create one, I’ve done that once and while I thought it looked good on my laptop, when i saw it on…

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