On a Quest for Inspiration

Hello, sorry I didn’t post yesterday! I’ve had a really rubbish week at school, and Friday kinda finished me off. I didn’t really want to post in a bad mood, so I’m posting what would’ve been Friday’s post today.

Day 19: Inspiration

I thought this was quite an interesting topic to explore, especially as a writer (and, occasionally, artist). Where exactly do I get my ideas from?

Photo from: Wikipedia

Photo from: Wikipedia

My main focus in writing at the moment is my novel and my fanfiction. My inspiration for my fanfiction is easy enough: the series it’s based on, Harry Potter. My novel however… I think I’ve written in previous posts that I had been working on another novel for years without more progress when I took up my current work. It was quite easy for me to do so because my current idea is one I had when I was twelve or thirteen that had just been forgotten in old notebooks. Unfortunately, that means I can’t especially remember where my inspiration came from. Can’t especially, I say. I can remember some.

The original first scene came to me in a kind-of vision: I had a really strong idea of Bronwyn, the main character, smoking down a dark alley, scantily clad and with a dull amber glow on her skin from the streetlight. The alley was loosely based on a street near school, which is nowhere near as dank as the one in my story, and the streetlights were based on the really dim orangey ones outside my window. Of course, since then this first scene has morphed: the main stages being from that which I just described, to Richard walking past and meeting Bronwyn (this being the start of their affair), to its current body which is Bronwyn standing on a balcony (an upgrade from the grotty alley!) and Karen, Richard’s wife, finding her and being absolutely furious!

I get inspired my other books occasionally, less so now I’m older (excluding my fan-fics). I think when I was younger and in the initial stages of finding my writing style, I would find myself copying the style of the author I had read most recently. I’d argue that’s useful, since I tried out a variety of styles before becoming more and more into my own. It was rare that I would be inspired by ideas- though I do remember a dreadful story I wrote about a girl going to magic school. I was so desperate to not copy of Harry Potter that it was dumped within about a month!

Though my rubbish-y musings could never be classed as “poetry”, for simplicity I’m going to call them that (and watch all the great poets turn in their graves!). Where do I get my poetry inspiration from, then? I consider poetry a thousand times more personal than novel-writing, and, as someone who is not particularly open with emotions and feeling, I struggle getting that depth of emotion out. Despite that, I find writing poetry cathartic. I draw my inspiration from my own life and experiences, but it tends to be those which affect me significantly- it’s easier getting the emotions out when there’s a lot of them!

I’m trying to be more artful with my poetry, in the hope that it’ll make it significantly better, but ideally without losing the initial sentiments. To help with that I’ve been reading poetry, which is drags a bit since I immensely dislike 98%- ish of poetry! It’s worth it for the poems I’ve found that actually do have an impact on me, or I do empathise with. I really like: Admonition, Sylvia Plath; I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Maya Angelou; To His Coy Mistress, Andrew Marvell; Red, Ted Hughes; All the World’s a Stage, Shakespeare; The Manhunt, Simon Armitage; and Noor’s poetry. To poetry lovers, I’ve probably got a really limited taste, but I’m trying, okay! I’ve also been drawing a lot on song lyrics, some of which are similar in style to poetry. It must be working- I’ve got about seven of my own poems saved on my tablet, and I keep tinkering with them as a kind-of long term project. I might schedule them as posts for over my exam period in summer when I can’t write posts as I’ll be busy revising (ugh).

I always find it interesting reading short fiction like Millie’s, since writers are taking inspiration from photographs and one line prompts- I’ve never been able to do that, and I’m terrible at short stories so it’s fun reading other people’s takes on the inspiration provided.

Where do you get inspiration from? Feel free to comment below, and if anyone has any poetry suggestions, please drop me a line- I’d appreciate it!


2 thoughts on “On a Quest for Inspiration

  1. I’m sorry you had a rubbish day on Friday. We all have them at times. I know how overworked you must be feeling right now, but hang on in there. It really will be worth it in the end. Interesting what you said about inspiration for your book. My initial inspiration for my trilogy was the statue of Alfred in Wantage. Thank you for the link, Scribbley. FF is good for me too, it keeps
    my brain well oiled! Obviously, I like some prompts more than others, but if you stare long enough at any of them, something’s bound to come into your head. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 🙂

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