Don’t put all your shopping in one basket

Where are my favourite shops?

I’m not exactly a shopaholic, but I’m definitely not a saver!



This must be an old sign- the apostrophe is no longer!   Photo:

Waterstones is my favourite shop in the whole world. Everything’s so organised so you can just browse, and there’s even a little settee in my local shop so you can sit and read. There’s always offers on, and, besides, I have a Waterstones card, so whatever vague guilt you feel about spending all your money on books- meh. Plus, the people who work in store are always really nice, and you can tell they’re booklovers too from the way they oh-so-carefully but your receipt in your book cover and then put your books in your bag!




There’s just something very satisfying about walking up and down row after row of CD shelves. Maybe I’m stuck in the past, but I love having physical copies of albums. You don’t get the album art and booklet if you download songs as MP3s! Problem is, HMV has offers like “2 for £10”, which is basically the end of my money- it’s excellent justification for getting just one more album!


Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

I’m not sure when I got into H&M, but I did- and the wardrobe full of skater skirts is evidence enough of that! I love the shape of the skirts, but I have quite weirdly proportioned legs so they always look ridiculously short on me. Oh well. I have a fab pencil skirt I got in the sale, too, but I can only wear it to college when I’ve got enough time to waddle to the bus stop! Whoever said tight pencil skirts were sexy?

Henry Holland- Debenhams

Photo: Debenhams

Photo: Debenhams

Henry Holland’s H! range at Debenhams is so ‘me’ it’s unreal. I could happily buy every item in the shop, but, alas, money is an object. As it is, I rely on birthday presents and the constant blue-cross sales in Debenhams to stock up on H! stuff. Lucky for me, my mum has a Debenhams card so we get even more discounts. Woo!

Other favourite shops- old book shops!

You can’t go wrong there!

What are your favourite shops & why? Let me know in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Don’t put all your shopping in one basket

  1. Waterstones is my favourite shop in Lincoln. In fact, we have two of them. We already had one Waterstones and then they took over a shop I liked even more – Osborne Books. Fortunately, it’s still the same inside, with the same Costa Coffee on the first floor. Only the name changed – to Waterstones. Our Debenhams is a good one, too, much bigger than the one in York.

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