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Day 16: Favourite Games

Back to favourites, I’m afraid!

My favourite games are usually ones I play at my grandparents when I visit with my brother during the school holidays.


Picture: Wikipedia

Picture: Wikipedia

My grandparents taught me to play a handful of games when I was younger, and I still remember getting really irritated when my brother was first allowed to join in- everyone went easy on him, which didn’t sit well with my competitive streak! The games I know are only kids’ games: Sevens, Chase the Ace, Donkey, Patients, Fivers, Newmarket etc. We still play every evening when my brother and I stay over, or my nan and granddad come to visit, and it’s getting more and more competitive as the years go on! Everyone has a favourite game they must win (mine’s Sevens).


Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

Another game we play at my grandparents’. It’s one of my brother’s favourites, that he insists upon- one visit we must’ve played it every single day! This is even more competitive than cards- I don’t think any of us are good at not crowing if we win!

Quick question, because I’m curious: I know in America the properties are different, but are the properties are different in other countries too? Like, do you have an equivalent to Mayfair or do you just have the usual Mayfair and Park Lane etc.


Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

I’ve only played Scrabble over recent years- it was like an upgrade from Boggle! I quite like it, since it’s wordy and it’s usually between my granddad and I as to who wins- okay, I just like winning!

Mario Kart

Picture: Wikipedia

Picture: Wikipedia

My parents got my brother and I the Wii version as a joint present a few Christmases ago, and it’s still one of the best presents I’ve ever received. My brother and I don’t play half as much as we used to- usually just at Christmas- but I still smash him at Koopa Cape and Wario’s Goldmine every time! I always play as Yoshi (above ^) on his motorbike, which means if I jerk the Wii remote up the bike does a flip- thing (technical term) in the air and gets a short burst of speed *cue embarrassing anecdote* one time I was playing and, while trying to do this, I managed to slam my Wii wheel into my chin. Ow. The sacrifices I’ll make for a Mario Kart game!

What are your favourite games? Are there any that are Christmas or school holiday stalwarts?

Let me know in the comments section below!


2 thoughts on “Get gaming

  1. Some good, old games there, Scribbley. My children loved them all – although the computer game wouldn’t have been around when they were young. I was going to comment on card games and how my kids used to play with Grandma (my mum). But it seems my daughter (afairymind) has beaten me to it. I didn’t mind the buttons. It was the money that made me tut. They all loved playing with her, though. Happy memories. 🙂

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  2. I’ve always loved card games as well! Like you my Grandma used to teach us them during childhood visits – much to my Mum’s disgust. Grandma taught us Pontoon (21 or Blackjack), Newmarket and Rummy. We used to use buttons as ‘money’ to gamble with!

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