Thank you for the Music

Day 15: Concerts (Today is half-way through the 30 day blog challenge!)

Photo: Scribbley

Photo: Scribbley


JLS; Photo: Scribbley

JLS; Photo: Scribbley

Disclaimer: I’ve been to next to no concerts. I’ve only ever been to concerts with Guides- “Big Gigs” if you’ve heard of them- and the second and last one I went to was in 2012! They were pretty fun- I remember JLS being particularly good, and putting on a good show.

Little Mix were also there, just off the X Factor. *embarrassing anecdote alert!* At one point they said, “Here’s a song you’ll all recognise!” I hadn’t heard of them, had eaten too much sugary food, and- okay, okay– I was showing off in front of my friends, and so I thought it would be absolutely hilarious to shout out, “OLD MACDONALD’S FARM!” Hah. Except the whole (and this is a huge arena) room of excited teenage girls decided to suddenly fall really quiet at that precise moment, so everyone heard. Heads began turning. Muttering: “Who was that?” The obvious course of action was to turn around with them, to make it clear I hadn’t said anything (nervous laughter). Turns out the “song we’d all know” was a song Little Mix had performed on the X Factor. Well, how was I to know, really?

Photo: Scribbley

Photo: Scribbley

Lesson to self: You are not half as funny as you think you are.

For all I haven’t been to many concerts, I would love to. Usually money and getting tickets just gets in the way. Plus, I don’t want to go alone and my friends don’t always like the bands/singers I like (and vice versa- I was invited to go and see One Direction with them a couple of years ago… not my cup of tea).

I would post about the concerts I’d like to go to, and who I’d like to see live, but I know “Music” is the theme of an upcoming day in the challenge so I’ll leave it until then!

I have actually participated in a number of concerts. In primary school I played clarinet and the keyboard, and was a member of the choir, so I took part in performances in assembly etc. As part of the choir I went to the “Young Voices” concerts at the MEN arena- we would learn songs and then go one afternoon to the arena with hundreds of other choirs to have a group run-through, and then performance in the evening.

In high school I was in the choir for a bit, then joined the wind band. We had themed concerts several times a year which were really fun, and then in my final year we went on a concert tour of Barcelona. We did lots of little concerts, and it was honestly one of the best experiences of my life.

At the moment, I don’t play any instruments, though I have a guitar in the corner of my room I’m itching to learn how to play. I’ve had it for years, though I’ve only played it a few times. I keep promising myself I’ll pick it up and find a YouTube tutorial or something, but we’ll see!

What was the best concert you’ve ever been to? Any artist you’re desperate to go and see? Anyone play/ed in a band?



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