Really short one (sorry, sorry, sorry!)

You probably know I’ve been doing a blog challenge currently. Today’s theme is technically ‘Travel’, which is a bit irritating since yesterday’s was about places I’d like to visit– pretty similar. In a weird twist, I’ve been travelling today- back from my grandparents’, as we’ve been visiting them this weekend- which was a long and pretty horrible journey, since it was snowy and windy, and then poured it down with rain! There were extremely useful signs all along the motorway reminding us “Strong winds, DRIVE SLOW”. It’s quite worrying- do people actually need these reminders stating the obvious?

Anyhoo, I kind of used up everything I wanted to say about travel yesterday- well, in the post I scheduled for yesterday- so I’m going to leave this post as it is (unless you want a full recap of a three-going-on-four hour journey which featured exciting events such as staring out of the window, stopping at the motorway services, and more staring out of the window?!) Sorry about that. Tomorrow’s post will be better: ‘Concerts’. Until then, I’m going to catch up on all the updates from the blogs I follow, and my own notifications. I was only away for three days and I have 100-odd emails!

Love, Scribbley

P.S. This month has doubled my previous top record of views per month! Plus it’s my highest month for comments and likes! I know it’s because I’m posting daily, but it’s still exciting! (Exclamation point key on my keyboard exhales a sigh of relief)


One thought on “Really short one (sorry, sorry, sorry!)

  1. You certainly wrote enough about travel for two posts yesterday, so don’t feel guilty about doing a brief one now. I agree with you about the strong winds. I’m on the Notts/Lincs border and it’s been quite wild here. 🙂

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