Off on a Summer Holiday


Day 13: Places you want to go

I’ve been thinking around this theme a lot recently.

For starters, I’ve been looking at my blog stats, and seeing views from France, America, Pakistan, the Netherlands, Spain, Luxembourg, Australia, Portugal, Taiwan, Finland and Israel. That’s amazing! People on the other side of the world, with completely different cultures and languages are reading my blog- and I just want to explore it all, and meet all these people from all over the place!

Then, of course, it’s my final year of sixth form, and I’ve got a long summer ahead of me before university, if all goes to plan. My friends and I are talking about getting out there and having a holiday, even if it’s just for a week. They’re all “party” resorts in the sun, but they’re still new places, and it would be so fun if we could figure something (cheap!) out. Plus, we’re thinking of going camping or to a festival (another money-dependent one, grr), which would mean travelling somewhere different in the UK. Fingers crossed for something working out!

Speaking of university, I’ve been thinking I might like to do a year abroad as part of my course. I hadn’t really considered it previously, but reading blog posts from people living abroad or travelling has really changed my mind! I think America’s a bit too far, but a lot of unis have transfer schemes with other European unis. I really want to go to somewhere I’ve never been before, and to try and pick up a new language. Maybe Germany, because I did GCSE German so I’d have a head start!

Other places I’d like to visit:


Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

I’ve always wanted to visit Italy. I’d like to see all the ancient sites, and take the typical tourist picture with the leaning tower of Pisa. Most of all, though, I want to go for the food. I’m a tomato girl, and I love all the tomato sauces in Italian food. Plus, my favourite food, lasagne, is Italian.




Obviously, I’ve seen America in so many films, which is bound to make me curious, but I’m fascinated as to how a country that speaks the same language as I do can be so different to Britain. I really want to see New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, Hollywood, Niagara Falls… like, there’s so much to see, I’d need 10 trips.


Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

I want to see Sydney Opera house and all the tourist spots I’ve only seen in pictures! It does kind of scare me, though, because- and this is embarrassing- I’m super scared of sharks! I have this vision of the plane crashing and going into the sea *shudder*

New Zealand



It’s supposed to be beautiful (supposed? haha see above ^^), and I don’t know much about it, so I’m naturally curious.




Okay, I just want to see a giraffe in the wild. Plus, I’ve never been anywhere in Africa. It’d probably be too hot for me, though!


Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

Another whole continent I’ve never even been to! My dad’s been to China, and I’d like to go as a family to see the Great Wall of China and everything else. I’ve seen lots of Top Gear specials set around Asia, too, and the scenery is always beautiful, so I want to see it for myself.

South America



I’d like to go to Peru, or just anywhere in South America, really. We did the Amazon in Geography in GCSE, which made me want to go and see it. Plus, I know people who’ve been to South America, and they loved it.


TAKE ME BAAACK! Photo: my own; currently painting this actually

Photo: my own; currently painting this actually

Kind of cheating, since I’ve been every year for the past seven or eight years. Okay, I just love Greece. My favourite places are Kefalonia and Ithaca. They definitely count as places I want to go! I could happily live forever on either island. I’ve been to Kefalonia twice, and both times we went over to Ithaca on a trip but I’d really like to holiday on Ithaca and visit everything properly. Whenever I think “writing retreat”, I think Kefalonia or Ithaca, because they’re just so chilled.

I think I’ve covered most of the globe here! Where do you want to go? Where are your favourite places? Anyone done a year abroad at uni? What was it like, and where did you go?

Let me know in the comments below!


18 thoughts on “Off on a Summer Holiday

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  2. You’ve got some amazing places on your ‘want to visit ‘ list, Scribbley – and a lot of them. I think you’d better get started as soon as you can. I’ve had a fear of sharks since I was a child. Even now, although I adore snorkelling out over reefs (like the Great Barrier Reef and several in the Caribbean) I spend a lot of my time looking out for fins!
    Doing a uni course with a year abroad is an excellent idea, as long as you find the right course which includes that. And having a great holiday with friends this summer sounds a brilliant idea. A bunch of my last ‘A’ level students went off to Malaga to let their hair down the year I left teaching. I bet Malaga didn’t know what had hit it! Nice post! 🙂

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    • I love snorkelling, but I’ve only ever snorkelled around Greece- some islands have beautifully clear water- so I’ve massively jealous of you snorkelling round the Barrier Reef and Caribbean! That must have been amazing! Even if you had to keep an eye out for finned friends, haha
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

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      • You’ll get to these places one day. I only wish I’d learned scuba diving as well. I’m gettting a bit to long in the tooth to start that now. The Med. is also great for snokelling, though. I agree that the water is so clear. I snorkelled over some sunken city on an island-hopping trip from Crete a few years ago. That was brill. 🙂

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        • Wow, that must have been a brilliant sight! I imagine a bit eerie too, though!
          I’ve always wanted to scuba dive, and my dad and I always mean to on holiday but I’m absolutely terrified- I think I might have to do a course in a swimming pool before I attempt open sea!


  3. I think you should do it! You should study at least 1 year abroad, you will love it for sure and you will never feel the same after 😉 Imagine all the people you are going to meet, all the places you are going to visit, all the things you are going to see and learn… everything will be new to you and it will blow your mind and inspire you everyday (especially if you are planning to write a book)! Think about all these places that you have been dreaming of that one day will be yours because you lived there like, breathed there, ate there just like locals!

    As a student, I lived 7 months in Germany (Tubingen) and I liked it a lot! But then I started to work in Paris and I only traveled for holidays (which is not the same, less fun). But two years ago, my life took an happy turn and I lived 8 months in Montreal (Canada), then 11 months in London (UK) and now I live in Adelaide (Australia)! I can’t really say I have a favorite place… because I have been happy everywhere I lived for many different reasons. Regarding Australia and sharks, don’t worry too much about that… Sydney is all right, I have been surfing there a couple of times without any problems… but I must confess I don’t surf in Adelaide because I have been told there are sharks here! I swim very closed from the beach and this way I feel safe 🙂 Australia is beautiful and I am so glad I moved here ❤

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    • Thank you for your comment and recommendation! I’d love to see the national parks you’ve mentioned- I’ve only seen them in pictures before! I’d also like to see Yellowstone, since we studied it in Geography, though I’ve had bad experiences with volcanoes before- I visited a volcano on the island of Nisyros, Greece, and the sulphur (I think?) stained my favourite t-shirt with orange, and the stains won’t come out!- so maybe visiting a SUPERvolcano wouldn’t be the best idea haha! 🙂


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