What is Love in Four Words

Day 12: Family Love

Today’s theme in the challenge is technically family. I was thinking about what to write all week, and then, luckily enough, Millie Thom tagged me in a post “What is Love in Four Words”. Well, that looked a bit more fun than writing about “family”, so I decided to do the tag instead, since “love” and “family” are at least along the same lines.

In Millie’s post, the tag was described as this:

hashtaglovebooks decided to do something interesting this Valentine’s. A challenge or tag where you write ten “what is love in four words” sentences about what you love and what you believe is love. Then state one of your favorite love quotes from a book, a movie or a famous person and then tag ten other bloggers to do the challenge as well.

Simple enough! Let’s go…


What is love in four words

Picture from: Polari Magazine

Picture from: Polari Magazine

Love is…

#1: having dinner with family

Any time- on holiday, round each other’s houses, at a birthday do- where you can just chill out and catch up with family. The school holidays are best for this, since we don’t need to go to bed early or do homework, and we can all stay up as late as we want and just keep talking. 

#2: … close circle of people

I’m quite introverted and reserved, so I tend to have a few people I’m close to, rather than having lots. For me, love is that small circle of family and friends who you love to pieces and know you can trust to look out for you.

#3: …Wednesday calls to grandparents

I have Wednesday afternoons off school, and every week I go home and phone my grandparents. I speak to them and email them at other times during the week, but I really appreciate this time because we have as long as we want to talk, and we can talk about whatever.

#4: …knowing who to tell

I’ve had occasions where I’ve been the person people talk to when they’re upset, or really happy, or just need a chat. Equally, I’ve had situations where I’ve really needed to talk to someone. I’ve included this because last week I was really down, and I knew exactly who I wanted to talk to. I class this as love, because it was a friend I knew I could turn to whenever and about whatever and he would make me feel 10 x better.

#5: …”sure you are okay?”

Same friend- I told him what was upsetting me, and he cheered me up, and then still checked that I had talked about everything I needed to. I’m lucky as I have so many people around me who will check I’m ok, because I tend to bottle things up and they want to make sure I don’t do that too much.

#6: …”made this for you”

I love receiving handmade gifts because so much time and affection has been put into that present especially for you.

#7: …sleepovers with my brother

If our parents are out for the day/ evening, my brother and I make pizzas and vege out in front of our favourite films or TV programmes, like a day-long sleepover.

#8: … thoughtful conversations, big smiles

It’s one of my favourite things: when someone you like- romantically, in a friend-way, whatever- has a long conversation with you and you can tell they’re really listening to what you have to say. I don’t think this happens as often as it should- we bury our heads in our phones etc- but it leaves me with a huge smile when it does.

#9: … about the little things

You know, when someone makes you a drink or says “this is on me”, and they’re just doing it out of kindness- they don’t want or expect anything in return.

#10: … laughing all night long

Usually with friends, either online or via text or, better, at a sleepover, when you spill secrets and just have an all-round laugh.



To be honest, I just want to throw Gone With the Wind, Harry Potter, and Jane Eyre at you, but I must settle on one quote, so here it is

“There is no happiness like that of being loved by your fellow creatures, and feeling that your presence is an addition to their comfort.”

– Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë

I picked this because it’s not exclusively romantic or sexual, since I think you miss out on a lot if you fail to acknowledge your family and friends’ love for you.



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Thanks for tagging me, Millie!


4 thoughts on “What is Love in Four Words

  1. Pingback: Love is… | The Writing Hufflepuff
  2. Interesting post! Oooh, I think I would have to say ‘warmth in the cold’… maybe I’m just super cold at the moment in this dreary weather here, but love is the people who make you feel great when things are bad, and the people you want to make feel great. Those who bring you in from the cold, pick you up when you’re are down and who, with even the smallest action, make things that bit better. And of course, it really helps to have someone to keep your feet warm at night 🙂

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  3. It was a great idea to write about family love, Scribbley. I thought about doing the same, funnily enough. But the only posts I’d seen were definitley about ‘romantic’ love and it was around Valentine’s Day, so I thought I’d better conform. Your ten points are excellent. 🙂

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  4. Reblogged this on S. Laura Artworks and commented:
    I could not say what is love in four words but I can definitely say what it is in five words.
    “Take me as I am!”
    Because love is about acceptance, about noticing the imperfections in one person and choosing to stay….love, above all, is about realizing what it really matters. 🙂

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