My Hobbies (Or How I’m Going to Spend this Summer)

Day 10: Hobbies

I listed some of my hobbies out on day 1, in my ‘About Me’ post. I have quite a lot of them, which sucks when you’re in the middle of A Levels and have hardly any time! I’m looking forward to the long summer ahead before uni, when I’ll have loads of time to do whatever I want. YAY!

Gif: (the aptly named)

Me after A Levels… Gif: (the aptly named)


I’ve written stories, and composed millions more in my head, for as long as I can remember. I’ve got loads of notebooks to prove it, though now I mostly write on the computer to save paper. My stories don’t really stick to one genre, but one thing they have got in common is getting a lot darker as the years go on!

scribbley_OfSnakesandLionsCurrently, I’m working on two fan-fictions, both based on Harry Potter: Of Snakes and Lions, and Enlightenment. I’m trying to finish them off by the end of summer (they’ve dragged on for a few years now!). In my spare time, I’m chugging away at a novel- I’ve finished my first draft and am in the process of writing a more detailed plan for my second. I’m really getting a feel for where the story is going now, which is great! Hopefully, I’ll be able to tell you more about it as I start writing it again. Finally, of course, I’m writing for my blog. I’m in the middle of a 30 day blogging challenge, but I don’t know where I’ll go after I’ve finished it. I don’t think this really classes as the “writing” blog I intended when I started out. I’m enjoying writing posts, though, so I’m not too fussed.

Photo: Scribbley

Photo: Scribbley


I love knitting, though it took me forever to learn. As a long term project I’m making a patchwork blanket, but recently I’ve just finished a baby jumper for my mum’s friend’s son. It was my first time knitting a jumper, or any baby stuff, and it took me ages- I’m definitely not as fast a knitter as my nan! Next up, I think I’m going to be making a knitted meerkat from my book of, um, knitted meerkats. I’ve got a waiting list of people who want one!


Photo: Scribbley

Photo: Scribbley


I help out at a sewing club at school, which I used to go to myself, but I hadn’t done any sewing for myself for ages until last night. I saw a pattern on this blog, and decided to have a go at making a bookmark. It was the first time I’d tried to do any fancy pictures using my machine, but I think it turned out okay (though it needs an iron)! I was planning on using it as practice, and then making my mum a better one for Mother’s Day, but she saw this one and claimed it, so that’s my idea gone!

Photo: Scribbley

Photo: Scribbley

Embroidery/ Cross Stitch

I haven’t done any embroidery or cross-stitching in a while. This is something I made over last year, which is going to be a cushion, once I’ve added a back etc.



Drawing & Art

Photo: Scribbley

Photo: Scribbley

I haven’t done much art since GCSE, but recently I’ve got the bug. This is a picture I drew the other week, though the colours didn’t come through too well on the scanner. It’s supposed to be Egyptian-style, as I read a book on how to draw like an Egyptian, but the cats’ eyes are closed so I couldn’t do the funky eyeliner thing that was a, ah, key part to drawing like an Egyptian. I mainly did it for a bit of a change, since I never use colouring pencils in art, because I hate using them and the result’s usually a bit rubbish! I’m thinking of maybe doing a 30 day drawing challenge, so maybe I’ll post some more pictures on here!

Other than drawing, I like painting- watercolour and acrylic, though I have some oil paints I’m itching to try. I’ve never painted using oil paints before, so I want to wait until I’ve got enough time to try it out properly. I’d like to try out drawing with charcoal and using chalk and oil pastels, since I have next to no experience and am pretty useless at them. My kind-of “signature” art style is using ink with water to get shading, then drawing over the top in ink, or using water colours and biro to get a bold look. I’d like to share some of my art on this blog at some point- maybe when I have my loooong summer of free-time!

Picture from: Polari Magazine

Picture from: Polari Magazine


Dare I say of course? You might’ve seen my book reviews (including my cringy older ones). I do a monthly round-up of the books I’ve read. I love reading. It was probably one of the best decisions of my life to decide to not study English at uni, because it means I can now read whatever I want without worrying about it having to be literary.



I go to the gym reasonably regularly to meet my friend Jas. It’s more us having a natter than anything, but I do feel better having exercised.

So, there you are. My hobbies. Anybody got any in common?

*Accidentally created this as a page, not a post. Clearly I am still in the extremely amateur blogger category!*


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