TV? Not really for me

Day 9: Favourite TV shows

I feel like I’m doing some “ice-breaker” activity, there’s been so many “favourite” posts recently! Maybe next time I do a blog challenge I’ll pick one with a bit more variety!

First off, I’ve got to admit I watch hardly any telly. I used to watch loads of cartoons on Boomerang and stuff like Tracy Beaker on CBBC, but now I don’t watch much at all. Basically my “favourite” shows are the only ones I really watch!

Strictly Come Dancing

Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

Strictly is definitely my favourite TV show. About 12 celebrities are partnered with professional dancers who teach them to dance. They’re marked out of ten, get a public vote, and then the bottom two have to compete for a place in next week’s show in the dance-off.

I really love Strictly, though I can’t dance for toffee- at parties I am a bit Taylor Swift-esque! I’ve watched Strictly for years, and I’d just love to do myself if I ever got famous!

Gif: (the aptly named)

Gif: (the aptly named)




BBC adaptation of the famous stories.

I watch Sherlock with my brother quite often, and it always makes us laugh. We love Benedict Cumberbatch’s “highly functioning sociopath”, Martin Freeman’s facial expressions, and Andrew Scott’s brilliant Moriarty. Just waiting on the next series now, sigh.

Doctor Who



Okay, more the re-runs than the last few series. Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor is my favourite, and I think the episodes are better. Right now I feel like the writing’s a bit rubbish, and it sucks because I do actually like Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, and I liked Matt Smith’s too. I just can’t get into the stories anymore. I wish we could bring back the 9th Doctor and Rose!

The Voice

Photo: BBC

Photo: BBC

I know, I know- it’s a bit naff, and the concept falls apart after the blind auditions because the judges can see the singers, but I do actually like it. From what I’ve seen, The X Factor is unnecessarily nasty to less gifted singers, and it makes for unpleasant viewing. I like how, even if they don’t turn, the judges are nice and encouraging to the singers on The Voice. Plus I actually like all the judges- and Will.I.Am makes me laugh.

Top Gear



I don’t like cars at all, to be perfectly honest. They get you from A to B, and that’s it. My brother, however, is slightly obsessed. I only really watch Top Gear if I happen to be in the room, and I only really like the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car bit. I prefer the specials, because they’re often in places with spectacular scenery, and are a bit of a laugh. Downside- they make me want to drop sticks and move to wherever the special’s set!

Sorry- that was a bit of a rubbish one. It’s hard to write about TV when you don’t watch much of it! Tomorrow’s theme is “Hobbies”, which is a slight change from my favourite animals, books, pictures, foods, and movies


2 thoughts on “TV? Not really for me

  1. Sherlock’s my favourite of the ones you’ve listed, Scribbley. I haven’t watched Strictly for years and Doctor Who’s a bit hit-and-miss. You have a good selection, though. 🙂


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