Dishin’ Up

Day 8: Favourite foods/ restaurants/ candy

I love food. Good food. I’m not into junk food especially, since I figure you are what you eat and I don’t especially want to be junk. A side effect of loving food is being constantly peckish. I’ve always been that kid who’s stomach rumbles like, quote, “a whale’s mating cry” in the middle of lessons.

What are my favourite foods, though?

Favourite foods

My favourite food in the whole wide world is lasagne. Even the horsemeat scandal didn’t put me off. My life’s dream is to have a proper Italian lasagne. I think if I ever went to Italy I’d come back about 10 stone heavier. Tomatoes and cheese are my favourite ingredients, and they feature quite heavily in Italian foods!


Lasagne; photo:

Speaking of tomatoes…

Stifado; photo:

Stifado; photo:

I love Greece, and part of that is due to the food. Soutzoukakia (meatballs in tomato sauce), Stifado (tomato-y beef stew with sweet baby onions; I had it with veal instead of beef on my last holiday, and it was gorgeous), pita gyros (usually unknown meat (and you probably don’t want to ask!) with salad, chips and tzatziki or mayo, in a pita bread), plus all the salads (especially tomato salad- does what it says on the tin!)… heaven!

Other favourite foods:

Gammon, sausages, any part of a pig…

Veggie curry (I know this looks really strange next to the previous one haha), which I actually made the other night

Good old fish and chips (has to be with mushy peas!)

Favourite Restaurants

This seems a tad pointless, since all the restaurants I like aren’t chains or anything so nobody’ll know them. My favourite restaurants tend to be ones on holiday, since that’s when I have my favourite mealtimes because my family’s there and no one has work or school the next day so it’s super chilled and we don’t have to rush off to bed early.

Favourite Candy SWEETS!

The word candy really jars with me, sorry.



(That was an unintentional pun, but I feel it deserves a round of applause!)


I have not just one, but multiple sweet teeth. My parents call me the Fly, after some old sci-fi where a bloke turns into a fly and goes crazy for sugar, or something like that… Haven’t seen it, but it sounds pretty accurate!

The list of sweets I dislike is quite short, containing only: liquorice, aniseed and, yeah, that’s it.

To narrow down my favourites:


Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

I could eat Maltesers forever. They have to be milk chocolate, though. None of this white chocolate Malteser rubbish.

Jelly Babies



I was once nicknamed “the Jelly Baby girl”, which I think speaks for itself!




Any kind. Well, not mint flavoured chewing gum… I draw the line there.

What are your favourite foods?


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