Are There Issues for Men’s Rights Activists?

Being a feminist means you care about gender equality, which I think many people forget. Which means you care that men’s health is put at risk because it’s viewed as “feminine” to cry or express emotion. This is a really important read for anyone who cares about other people.

Chapter TK

“I don’t like the way men are portrayed in that movie,” said my boyfriend when I asked if he wanted to see 50 Shades of Grey this weekend. His response surprised me for two reasons. 1) He has read all the Twilight books, seen all the movies and enjoyed them all. I think he enjoyed them more than I did. 2) When was the last time you heard a man complain about how they are portrayed in media? It’s been a rarity in my life, for sure. In a way, I like that this was his response and that he was offended by the idea that the most desirable men are aloof and sex obsessed.

Chpater TK - Are There Issues for Men's Rights Activists?

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