Our Favourite Animal is the Kakapo… Erm, what is it?

Our planet is teeming with animal life- so much in fact, it’s amazing anyone could pick just one as their favourite. Do they choose the cutest? The most awe-inspiring to look at? The most amazingly adapted to its environment?

ARKive is a project run by the non-profit organisation Wildscreen, with the aim of educating the public about nature and biodiversity. The ARKive project celebrated its first decade in 2013 by asking people to vote on their favourite species. It received thousands and thousands of votes, which helped it conclude that the top ten favourite animals are (drum roll):

#1- Kakapos (a flightless parrot located in New Zealand)

Photo: Stephen Jaquiery; www.odt.co.nz

Photo: Stephen Jaquiery; http://www.odt.co.nz

#2- Tigers

Photo: worldwildlife.org

Photo: worldwildlife.org

#3- African Elephants

Photo: bioweb.uwlax.edu-

Photo: bioweb.uwlax.edu

#4- Grey Wolves

Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

#5- Polar Bears

Picture: polarbearsinternational.org

Picture: polarbearsinternational.org

#6- Red Pandas

Photo: Daily Mail

Photo: Daily Mail

#7- Cheetahs

#8- Snow Leopards

Photo: blogs.unbc.ca

Photo: blogs.unbc.ca

#9- Bornean Orang-utans

Photo: The Guardian

Photo: The Guardian

#10- Amur Leopards

This cat is GORGEOUS Photo: worldwildlife.org

This cat is GORGEOUS
Photo: worldwildlife.org

Mostly unsurprising, though I’d never heard of a Kakapo. I’m amazed grey wolves are on the list- I thought people were generally afraid of them, and thought they were vicious. Maybe fear leads to respect?

It’s interesting that so many are endangered species: I wonder if their popularity is a result of the advertising used to raise awareness of their vulnerable state? It’s a shame that the people who kill elephants for their tusks, for example, don’t listen to the WWF adverts!

My favourite animals

As I mentioned in my first post of the challenge, I am a mad cat lady, so of course cats come on this list! Big cats, small cats… whatever! Cats are just so independent and fluffy, even if you do have to endure their contempt! I have a pet cat who I’ll be posting about on day 22 (I’ve just realised she is grooming herself under my desk right now!). I want a house full of cats when I am older- I really want a ginger one like Hermione’s Crookshanks in the Harry Potter series!

Photo: infinitecats.com

Photo: infinitecats.com

Number six on the list, the red panda is another favourite of mine. Red pandas are just so cute, and they have the most gorgeous fluffy tails and red colouring.

My favourite gif in the history of ever- too cute! Picture: littleanimalgifs.tumblr.com

My favourite gif in the history of ever- too cute!
Picture: littleanimalgifs.tumblr.com

My absolute favourite animal is the giraffe! I’ve loved giraffes for as long as I can remember, though I’m not sure why it started initially. My room is basically half Harry Potter themed and half giraffe themed. I currently have a National Geographic Giraffe calendar (as well as a “cute cats” one, since I got two for Christmas!), three wooden giraffes, and a huge giraffe poster in my bedroom- and that’s excluding the giraffe t-shirts, necklaces, dresses, stationary and teddies… Haven’t got giraffe earrings though, so I’ll have to remedy that! (I’m maybe slightly obsessed!)

Photo: giraffes.org

Photo: giraffes.org

I used these two websites for research, if you’d like to check them out for more information on the ARKive project:

If you missed yesterday’s post on Me Right Now, you can check it out here. If not, I’ll see you tomorrow with a post on my favourite books!

What’s your favourite animal?



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