Me Right Now

Day 3 of my 30 Day Blog Challenge: “What I’m doing now (wearing, weather, wanting, needing, thinking, listening etc)

I suppose I could be a smart alec and just say I’m “typing out this post, duh” but that wouldn’t make for interesting reading. Or an especially long post!

Here goes…

Wearing… still in my sixth-form gear, with a pink fleece over the top (it’s a bit nippy)

Weather… as I said, cold. It’s a bit grey and cloudy, and it was drizzling when I got off the bus but that seems to have cleared up now.

Wanting… some sleep! I’m always a bad sleeper, but I’ve slept terribly so far this week. Thank goodness half-term’s coming up!

Needing… same as above, I suppose.

Thinking… about what homework I need to do tonight, and whether I’ll have time for much else.

Picture from: Wikipedia

Picture from: Wikipedia

Picture from: Wikipedia

Picture from: Wikipedia

Listening… Currently, it’s all quiet. I’ve just got off the phone to my grandparents.

In general, though, I’ve been listening to This Modern Glitch by the Wombats; Moon Landing by James Blunt; X by Ed Sheeran; and Fearless and 1989 by Taylor Swift (like apparently everyone else in the world, since it’s already shifted over 4 million copies in sales).

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift Photo from:

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift
Photo from:

Reading… The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins on my Kindle. My mum read it to me when I was younger, and I’ve been promising myself that I’ll read it for ages. I’m only just into the story though.


Currently reading... The Moonstone

Currently reading… The Moonstone

So that’s me at the moment!

If you missed yesterday’s post for the daily challenge, you can check it out here. Otherwise, I’ll speak to you tomorrow: theme “Favourite Animal”.



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