We need to talk about Scribbley

I’ve seen loads of people doing blog challenges, so I’ve decided to do one myself. I came across this on Pinterest, and thought I’d give it a whirl.


Day 1: About Me

Hmm. Where do I go from here? Half of my points are going to be covered in the upcoming posts! Still, I’ll give it my best shot (eek!)

Who am I?

I am a seventeen year old girl torn between wanting to go the whole shebang and be the best the best the best, and giving it all up and becoming a mad cat lady. I’m currently juggling A Levels, this blog, trying to write a novel, my two fan-fictions, knitting, baking, jigsaw-ing, drawing, painting, sewing, reading… what can I say, I’m a girl of many hobbies.

Like a lot of people, I feel I am a mess of contradictions. I am simultaneously loud and quiet; messy and organised; crazy and controlled. Depends who I’m with.

Words that describe me: bookworm, Potterhead, writer, introvert, knitter, cat lady, night-owl, weirdo.

I like reading, laughing, and making things.

I dislike ignorant people, public-speaking, and early get-ups.

Basically, about me: I’m family- and friend-oriented, and I like my own company and pottering round with my hobbies.

Tomorrow: Goals



2 thoughts on “We need to talk about Scribbley

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