Fanfiction Update

I posted the next chapter of Of Snakes and Lions on Saturday, and am currently working on the next chapter of Enlightenment. I’ve promised I’ll post updates of where I am with my fan fiction writing on my blog, and, since Sassyluv on asked for a recap of Of Snakes and Lions so far, I thought I’d post it here so other people could catch up as well- I know there’s been a huuuuge break between updates (sorry 😢).

Of Snakes and Lions- the story so far

Severus gave Hermione a detention after she spoke out of turn in a lesson. He was Summoned in the middle of one of these detentions, and Hermione figured out that it was to a Death Eater meeting. Severus had to tell her he was a spy, and as a result gave her Occlumency lessons to prevent anyone using Legilimency on her and finding out the truth. During these lessons, Hermione and Severus became increasingly close.

At the same time, Hermione was helping Harry run the DA, and Severus was juggling friendship with Minerva and his spywork. After Severus and Harry had several disastrous Occlumency lessobs on Dumbledore’s orders, Severus agreed with Hermione to merge her Occlumency lessons with Harry’s, and to include Ron too. The boys and Severus aren’t exactly friends, but they’re on first name basis now.

After the Battle at the Ministry, Ron is angry at his girlfriend Susan’s death and Severus’ friend Lucius has been incarcerated at Azkaban prison. Severus is having a rough summer, having to please both Dumbledore and Voldemort, as well as putting up with Wormtail living in his house. On the bright side, he’s visiting Hermione on a weekly basis and gets on with her mum, even if her dad is suspicious of his daughter’s older friend.

That’s where we were up to before this new chapter, so the story continues from there.

I hope that was useful! By the way, some trivia: today is the 2 year anniversary of the first chapter of Of Snakes and Lions going online!

Aaand, I’ve been nominated for a 2014 SSHG Fan Fiction award! Thank you to whoever nominated me! See: for more.


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