Fan fiction

To my fan fiction readers-

I’ve noticed the top searches on this blog run along the lines of “Scribbley14″, ” Snape”, “Severus” and “Hermione”, so I’m making the not-so-educated guess that you’re looking for updates on Of Snakes and Lions!

Here’s one: I’m really sorry it’s taking so long, but I have over 2000 words written of the next chapter so it shouldn’t be too long before I post it. It’s going to be a pretty long chapter that covers the whole of the summer holidays before sixth year, so hopefully that’ll make up for the delay!

I’ve got mock exams on this week, but I’m aiming for the next chapter to go up over the weekend. Next week I’ll try and write another chapter of my Dramione fan fiction, Enlightenment.

Thanks for your patience, folks- mocks suck but so do late updates, I know.

Scribbley x


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