Weekly Writing Catch-up

Halfway through my second week of writing. I’m happy to say I’m having more fun now than at the start, and haven’t come to a spluttering halt just yet! The beginning of the story is more-or-less finished, and I’ve just got onto some exposition (introducing background info) so that’s interesting.

I thought I would share with you some of the things I found useful over the past week.

  • I mentioned this in my last post, but it really is helpful to write down other ideas. You can write them up in full, and (if you’re doing NaNoWriMo) they’ll still count towards your total. It’s handy to write down a scene as you think of it, because it’s clearer in your mind. Plus, you won’t have to write it later as you strain your memory to think of how it should go.
  • Thesaurus. Thesaurus, thesaurus, thesaurus. Not a dinosaur, as I once thought, but your best friend.
    First time I've used MS Paint on a touchscreen laptop... well, I think it's cute

    First time I’ve used MS Paint on a touchscreen laptop… well, I think it’s cute

    This babe gives you synonyms (other words to describe a given word). Use it so you don’t end up repeating the same word over and over again. Or if you’ve got a word, but it isn’t just right (hey, Goldilocks wouldn’t put up with it).

    *Note* some words have zillions of synonyms, and the thesaurus ain’t gonna list them all. Like, one time I was writing an essay, and I had a word but it didn’t quite have the feel I wanted. I used a thesaurus. Nope. I asked my parents. Nada. The word I wanted was at the back of my mind but- just out of reach. I only knew I’d read it in a fanfic. I ended up Google searching ‘Severus Snape’ and a whole load of adjectives to find the word I wanted: jaded. The lesson? Fangirl instincts>thesauruses.

  • I’ve found it quite useful to find pictures to help me describe things more accurately. I just downloaded them off the internet and put them in a folder- less lazy writers could make a mood-board. Just pictures of dresses etc so I have a picture to describe from instead of a vague idea of clothing in my mind.
  • Similar to the idea above, I’ve found it useful to watch videos on YouTube to get an idea of body language. This means you think of a character from a TV show or from a film that is relatively similar to one of your own, and watch a clip of them in a situation as similar as possible to the one your character’s in. I don’t mean copy what the character’s doing, but look at how they react and use it as guidance to help you describe how your character does.

All in all, pretty pleased with this week’s progress. I’ve had a chilled out weekend too- I went shopping yesterday with my friend, and we watched The Maze Runner in the cinema. The film was good- Will Poulter stood out especially (but maybe that’s just because I love him as Eustace in the Narnia movie)- but the story was a complete rip-off of The Hunger Games and Lord of the Flies!

My mum and I made the Christmas cake today so I’m in a Christmassy mood already, and we’ve just watched a documentary on the Brontës so I’m having to restrain myself from picking up Jane Eyre again!

Hope everyone’s having fun with NaNoWriMo/ writing in general!

Byeee 🙂



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