Location, location, location

So you, like me, are trying to write the setting, or backdrop, to your story. This is important- think of it as the canvas of your writing. Pretty essential for your work of art. Kinda needs to be there.

Any previous attempts I’ve had at novel writing have been hindered massively (no matter how brilliant the idea) by the fact that I had no clue of where my story was set. Huge issue (remember the canvas idea?). This time round, I’ve decided to do some proper prep work.

This post will focus on the actual location of your story, since setting is somewhat of an umbrella term! I already have a good idea of the locations of my story- I know the location of the first scene and also the two other main settings.


  • To kind of fix these settings in my head, I’ve written a bullet point on each place (literally five lines max) describing my inspiration for them. For example, part of my story is set in a sixth form college, so I’ve written ‘I picture it outwardly as “x” [my brother’s school] but inwardly like the corridors and classrooms of my school’. Obviously these are two places I can picture really well, so it’s a lot easier than trying to think up a new school!


  • I’ve also drawn a (really rubbish!) map of the village where my main characters live, which I’ve already found quite useful as I can picture the location of the different houses, the shop, the park etc in relation to each other. Here’s a pic:image
    (really wow, I know)

    You don’t want to be writing about how Sophie travelled west to your town one chapter, then east in the next, right?

    A map ensures continuity when you’re writing about different places, especially if you’ve created your own world.


  1. Knowing the location of your story before you start writing is really important- it saves time as you can picture exactly where everything is.
  2. Bullet point at least a sentence on the most important places in your story. Try to think of somewhere in real life that is comparable to this place as it’ll fix it in your mind.
  3. Mapping out where everything is is always going to be useful, especially if you’re creating a whole new world- you can see where x is in relation to y.

Hope this is helps!


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