Location, location, location II

So you’ve drawn your map, you have a vague idea of what each place in your story looks like, where they are etc… Just… what are they called?

That was the issue facing me last night. I couldn’t for the life of me think of any place names. I wanted an overall village name, the name of the house where one of my characters lives, and the name of the estate where the other two do.

  • I tried a word association game– I wanted place names that reflected the characters that lived there. I thought of the characters’ personalities, then something that seemed to reflect them. I was hoping that would give me an idea of place names but, naturally, nothing could come to my head at that time. That would be far too convenient!
  • At this point, I turned our good friend, the trusty old internet. Here I found a place name generator:
    It’s perfectly simple to use, and gave me inspiration for my place names: Easterly, for the village; 14 Madding Lane, for the character’s house; and the Farnworth Estate, for the other characters’ estate.


  1. If you’re stuck for place names, try to think of words that reflect the mood of the place, or the people that live there- hopefully you’ll have more luck thinking of a name from that than I did!
  2. If not… use a name generator! I’ve provided a link above to the one I used.

Hope you find this useful,


A link to my first post on writing location: https://scribbleywhile.wordpress.com/2014/07/15/location-location-location/


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